Ingenieurbüro Wichmann GmbH - Berlin Heizungs-, Raumluft-, Sanitärtechnik Tel: (++49) 30 / 680 786 30

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English Information

Ingenieurbüro Wichmann specializes on all aspects within the field of Building Services Engineering. The company has engineers qualified for the following specialist areas

  • Public Health
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Building Control/ Building automation
  • Renewable energies
  • Fire extinguishing and alarm systems

Ingenieurbüro Wichmann was founded in 1985. The company has extensive experience in new builds as well as reconstruction projects with varying degrees of difficulty. We can provide all design stages from preliminary planning to site control. Ingenieurbüro Wichmann GmbH is a member of Berlin’s Baukammer.

Office equipment:

  • 3 CAD work stations, DIN A0 colour plotter
  • modern network communication with Windows server and 9 User PCs, Data conversion
  • Colour laser printer and scanner, b/w – printer, copy machines
  • Software by leading software companies for technical calculations (heating loads, cooling loads, radiators, waste water and cold water piping, pressure loss etc.)
  • Software for preparation of tender documents and cost control as well as for time scheduling (MS Project).
  • Telecommunication via ISDN, DSL for data transfer
  • Diverse measuring tools for performance acceptance tests in technical installations/ facilities

Employed personnel (as in 2015):

Graduate Engineers 4

Technicians 1

CAD- Technicians 3

Secretaries/ Bookkeepers

Skills and Services

Public Health (Sanitary):

Waste water systems, pump systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Cooling Systems

Regenerative Heat Recovery

We can provide substantial references for the followings areas

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Performing art spaces, conference centres and Parliament buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • School buildings, nurseries
  • Education and Research facilities
  • Public Housing
  • Restaurants and leisure facilities
  • Administration buildings
  • Residential buildings